Sunday, July 1, 2012

And in conclusion...

The Green Line was the winner of the Audience Favorite for T Plays IV: Rush Hour.  Our plans to have a duck boat parade with the winning team was thwarted by finances, so instead I suggest if any of you see Rick Park (playwright); Kim Anton Myatt (director) or Kelley Estes, Louise Hamill or Geogre Saulnier III (actors) sometime in the next few weeks you belt out a verse of Never Been To Me in their honor. 

The Commuter Rail finnished a strong second and the 66 bus proved to be the little bus that could as it scored large amunts of votes every night this week.  The Orange Line ended up just ahead of the Silver (I did wonder if the future Fitch travelled from is similar to the future portrayed in the Silver Line - discuss).

The Red and the Blue rounded out the results.

Thanks to all the artists who contribued this year to the T Plays.  You guys and gals were all great.

And as they say at the end of the credits in a James Bond movie....

The T Plays will return....

Friday, June 29, 2012

Twilight of T Plays IV

T Plays have a very brief life.  They are born out of frenzied creativity.  The burn bright and then two short weeks later thet are done.  T Plays IV have one more night to burn and then they too will fade away.  One more chance to vote awaits our (rapidly filling) house tomorrow. if you want to purchase tickets and be part of the fun.

With one performance remaining the standings are:

Green in the lead.

Commuter Rail still just behind them in second (both plays have received the same amount of votes the past two evenings).

66 Bus still strong at third.

Silver and Orange are tied and Red and Blue follow behind.

It all will be decided tomorrow.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

T Plays IV reminds me of The Cannonball Run for two Reasons

First, that movie largely seems to have been made because Burt Reynolds went through his rolodex (it was the 80's) and called up all his friends and said "Hey let's get together and have a laugh.  Oh and make a movie."  All of the artists invovled with the T Plays IV are such easy going fun folk I just enjoy hanging around them and watching them perform each night.

Second, although mostly a car chase movie - the final set piece has the whole gang of 70's A listers and 80's B movie stars running in a foot race to the finnish.  At this point and time it looks like T Plays IV may have a similar ending.

The current standings:

Green line has pulled out ahead once again.

Commuter Rail is second and quite close.

66 remains in third.

Orange jumps back to fourth.

Silver one vote behind in fifth.

Red and Blue are tied.

Two more shows left.  We have plenty of seats (as of this blogging) for Friday evening.  And a few seats left for Saturday (it is filling up fast).  Visit to order your tickets.  Because only you and your vote will determine who will be.......


Adrienne Barbeau

(c'mon the movie is 32 years old it's not that much of a spolier)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Railroad Ties

In some ways we're back where we started.

Green Line and Commuter Rail are tied.

The 66 Bus had a gangbusters night and more than doubled its votes to be in third.

The Silver and Orange are neck and neck and the Red and Blue each gained some votes.

Three more shows.  Three more chances to vote. for tickets and info.

Monday, June 25, 2012


After the first week of voting the results are:

Green Line still in the lead with Commuter Rail second.

66 bus jumps back to third.

Silver jumps to fourth.

The Orange Line and Red Line and Blue line follow.

Only four more shows to go.  Plenty of seats left for all performances. for tickets and info

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sneak Peek at T Plays IV

Our friend Meg Taintor took some photos of our first and only run through before opening.  Here are a few snapshots of what you'll see (or have seen) at The T Plays IV.

Geogre Saulnier III, Kelley Estes and Louise Hamill experience some Mob Mentality in Rick Park's play set on the Green Line.

Public transit advocates will be relieved to learn that the Silver Line is still around in the year 2117.  Elizabeth A. Rimar and Bonnie Duncan prepare for the journey in Kevin Mullins' play Masquerades in the City of the Great ONE.

The standings of IV after performance IV

The Green Line still remains in first place although its lead has been reduced.

The Commuter Rail gained a number of votes and is still second.

The Orange Line had a very strong showing jumping back into third.

The 66 and Silver both had strong nights earning multiple votes and are now tied for fourth.

The Red and Blue round out the pack.

Today's matinee will be the midway point of the run.  How will things stand after the end of the first week?  Stay tuned...

Friday, June 22, 2012

The passing rain did not cool down the competition

3 shows down.  Each show gained some ground.

The Green line nearly doubled its votes and is still at the top of the pile.

The Commuter Rail also gained and is still in second.

The tropical heat helped boost the 66 into third.

Orange and Silver are tied.

And Red and Blue have just two votes sepataing them.

If my computer cooperates I hope to add a few photos that the lovely Meg Taintor took of our shows earlier this week.  They should be popping up on the blog and facebook tomorrow.

Neck and Neck (and neck and neck and neck)

After two shows the top two vote getters are separated by 3 votes.  And the next five shows also have three votes separating them.

Currently the Green Line is just ahead of the Commuter Rail.  The Orange Line has jumped up the third and very close behind are the Silver, the 66, the Red and the Blue.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Looks like it will be a horse race

After the first night of voting for the Audience Favorite of T Plays IV: Rush Hour we have three ties.

Leading the pack are the Green Line and Commuter Rail

Just a few votes behind is the Silver Line.

The 66 Bus and Red Line are also tied as are the Blue Line and the Orange.

I am guessing that these standings will flip and flop a lot over the next two weeks.

Be sure to come and vote for your favorite.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Writer involved with Writer's Choice has chosen

Ginger Lazarus has chosen the number 66 bus for her rush hour ride today.  If you want to be memorialized in a ten minute play ride the 66 all day look for the lady with the note book and do something dramatic.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Official Line Up for T Plays IV: Rush Hour

Here are the match ups for T Plays IV: Rush Hour

Red Line - writers Dan Milstein and Kristin Baker; director James Barton; cast Shelley Brown and Tim Hoover

Blue Line - writer Matt Chapuran; director Melanie Garber; cast Rafael Marinho and Jason Myatt

Green Line - writer Rick Park; director Kim Anton Myatt; cast Kelley Estes, Louise Hamill and George Saulnier III

Orange Line - writer Patrick Gabridge; director Chris Anton; cast Brett Milanowski and Dakota Shepard

Silver Line - writer Kevin Mullins; director Paula Ramsdell; cast Bonnie Duncan and Liz Rimar

Commuter Rail - writer Bill Donnelly; director John J King; cast Sasha Castroverde, Kevin LaVelle and Jason Lambert

Bus # ? (writer's choice) writer Ginger Lazarus; director Antoine Gagnone; cast Lindsay Eagle and Greer Rooney

It's not just Flag Day...

...It's Match up day.  Tonight we will find who's been assigned the Green Line; who's going to write for George Saulnier and who's going to eat the last onion ring.  Look for the full line up later tonight.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

T Plays IV line up

Wondering who the artists are that will be contributing to the T Plays IV: Rush Hour?  Of course you have why else would you be checking out this blog?

There are still a few artists who are classified as definite maybes, but here is who we are certain - well pretty certain - will be involved.

Our writers:
Matt Chapuran (writer in our first set of T Plays and actor in T Plays III)
William Donnelly (T Plays)
Pat Gabridge (T Plays, T Plays 2010)
Ginger Lazarus (T Plays)
Dan Milstein & Kristin Baker (T Plays, T Plays III - audience favorite plus Kristin directed during T Plays 2010)
Kevin Mullins (making his T Plays debut)
Rick Park (T Plays - audience favorite, T Plays 2010 and T Plays III)

Our directors:
Chris Anton (T Plays III)
Jim Barton (actor for T Plays 2010)
Antoine A. Gagnon (T Plays - 2 of them! - T Plays 2010, T Plays III - audience favorite)
Melanie Garber (writer for T Plays 2010, director for T Plays III)
John J King (writer for T Plays 2010 - audience favorite, T Plays III)
Kim Anton Myatt (actor for T Plays and T Plays III)
Paula Ramsdell (her T Plays debut)

Our Actors:
Paul Ahern (his T Plays debut)
Shelley Brown (T Plays III)
Sasha Castroverde (T Plays 2010)
Bonnie Duncan (T Plays)
Lindsay Eagle (T Plays III)
Kelley Estes (T Plays III - audience favorite)
Louis Hamill (T Plays III)
Tim Hoover (his T Plays debut)
Jason Lambert (T Plays 2010)
Kevin LaVelle (T Plays 2010)
Rafael Marinho (T Plays - audience favorite)
Lonnie McAdoo (T Plays)
Brett Milanowski (his T Plays debut)
Jason Myatt (T Plays 2010)
Elizabeth A. Rimar (her T Plays debut)
Greer Rooney (T Plays, T Plays 2010, T Plays III)
George Saulnier III (T Plays)

Behind the scenes we have such folk as:
Ben Janey proving he is the best stage manager in Boston returning for his fourth set of T Plays

Plus some awesome assistance from: Irene Daly, Kathy Maloney, Patricia Torpey, Meg Taintor, Andrew Cataluna and all the awesome folk at Boston Playwrights' Theater.

It looks to be a stellar line up.  Tickets are now available at

See you there!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T Plays IV Rush Hour promo video

Hey folks -

The new promo video for T Plays IV is now online.  Many thanks to Barlow Adamson for going the extra mile.

Monday, June 4, 2012 year later....

Hello world-wide-interweb -

Mill 6 is back in the blog-o-sphere and look out.  That's right at least one dozen posts over the next three weeks will appear.

To start with we'd like to look back and congratulate our team from The Boston Theater Marathon.  Rick Park's play Stolen Breath featuring Robyn Linden and Mal Malme and directed by Chris Anton was part of this year's theatre marathon.  Stolen Breath was originally part of T Plays III last summer and we are thrilled that it was selected to be part of this year's Marathon and even more thrilled the entire creative crew was able to come back and present it once again.  The Boston Globe had some nice things to say about us (as well as several of the the other plays presented).  But to be honest we're mostly concerned with the nice words about us.