Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rosie Ruiz Redux

It seems Rosie Ruiz is not the only person to combine a marathon and public transportation - three T Plays - Pat Gabridge's Recognition, Rick Park's Please Report Any Suspicious Activity and Ken Urban's White People will all be part of the eleventh Boston Theater Marathon happening Sunday May 17, 2009 at the BCA. Also our long time collaborator William Donnelly will have his play Sugar Glider presented. Our friends from Rough and Tumble will also be one of the presenting companies, and Mill 6's Artistic Director John Edward O'Brien's play If at First will be Mill 6's official entry in the marathon. It's always a great day with almost every theater company in Boston involved with one of the 50 ten minute plays. The entire event is a fundraiser for the Theater Community Benevolent Fund. For more information on the marathon please visit

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Additional Casting

Joining Mikkel Raahede in the cast of Bunbury: A Serious Play for Trivial People are (in alphabetical order) Jonathan Michael Anderson as Hartley/Romeo and Vladimir; Shelley Brown as Lady Bracknell/Olga/Martha and Older Cecily; Sasha Castroverde as Juliet/Cecily/Irena and Blanche; Nathaniel Gundy as Algernon/Allan and Jim; Marc Harpin as Jack/Estragon; Becca A. Lewis as Rosaline/Gwendolyn and Masha; Forrest Walter as Friar Lawrence/The Lawyer/George and Older Algernon.

It's a great mix of Mill 6 veterans and new blood. We are very pleased to have folks aboard and start rehearsals next week.