Friday, December 11, 2009

Mmrmmph (yawn) what time is it?

December?! Ah how time flies when not blogging. I apologize to all our faithful readers (both of you). We had some major technical problems here at Mill 6 Central that prevented us from doing anything connected with the world wide web. But now we are back. And there's not too much to report. Mill 6 will be gearing up for season 12 after the New Year's with website updates (hooray), regular blogging (yippee) and another round of T Plays in June. Plus hopefully we'll squeeze in another theater marathon and maybe a few other surprises.

What I would like to do is plug a few projects some Mill 6 alum are involved in. It is a bit short notice as many of these shows close soon and by soon I mean this weekend! Instead of being a despicable director Barlow Adamson is playing a despicable character in Speakeasy's production of Reckless. As an added Mill 6 bonus Maureen Keiller (The Polish Pictures) is in the cast this weekend filling in for Paula Plum. It's at the BCA tonight and tomorrow.

Sasha Castroverde continues her tearing through the Wilde Canon. She plays four different characters in Bad Habit's production of Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband. It should be noted that only four actors play all the roles in this play and do so, I think, with quite a bit of flair. Be sure to check out some of the artwork they have displayed along the walls of the theater. Performances are tonight, Saturday and Sunday.

Another Bunbury alum, Marc Harpin, is appearing in The Christmas Belles, a co-production of Company One and Phoenix Productions. This is playing at the Playwrite's Theater at BU and runs this weekend and next. (It's almost a lot of notice considering).

Our lack of internet has left a few projects go by unmentioned. T Play audience favorite Meg Taintor just finnished directing In On It for Whistler in the Dark Theater. The author of the piece is Daniel MacIvor whose play This Is A Play was part of Mill 6's four. Hmmm maybe we should revive that one. Also Mill 6's trusty black IKEA chairs made their first non-Mill 6 appearance.

The Gold Dust Orphanage increased it's membership by one waif when Becca A. Lewis (Rosaline in Bunbury) appeared in their production of Valet of the Dolls.

There is also some news from Mill 6 writers. Pat Gabridge's play Counting Rita presented a few years back at the Theater Marathon by Mill 6 was produced out in L.A. in October by Theater Unleashed. His play Constant State of Panic will be performed this January in Washington D.C. by the Madcap Players.

Please Report Any Suspicious Activity, Rick Parks' hilarious and audience favorite T Play has been accepted in the 2010 SnowDance Festival in Racine WI. Rick has had success at this festival before and we wish him and his gay dolphin stars the best of luck.

OK. I think that brings us up to date.