Friday, May 21, 2010

Mill 6 at the Boston Theatre Marathon!

Mill 6 is thrilled (THIS SUNDAY!) to produce William Donnelly's Strangers on a Playground at this year's Boston Theatre Marathon. We're in the closing slot for the 5-6 hour, so let's say 5:45pm.
Barlow Adamson directs, and the cast includes Irene Daly & Kevin LaVelle.
OH how we love LOVE doing Bill's plays.

Our friends Rough & Tumble will be performing their new show Talky Talk, directed by Dan Milstein and featuring Barlow Adamson, Kristin Baker, Irene Daly, Jason Myatt, Kevin LaVelle & Jim Barton - who have ALL been in Mill 6 shows, what can we say, we've got good taste.