Sunday, September 28, 2008

Audience Favorites

So the ballots have been counted and recounted. And here are the audience favorites for the T Plays.

Please Report Any Suspicious Activity by Rick Park

Permissive Signals by William Donnelly

La Vie Orange by Ginger Lazarus

A Single Look Back by John Edward O'Brien

The Quiet Desperation of White People by Ken Urban

I Could Not Stop the Silver Line so It Kindly Stopped for Me by Kristin Baker and Dan Milstein

Yes, we said there would be five. There was a tie, so all six will move on. Performances will be Oct 2-4 all at 8PM.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scenes from Week Two

As noted below week one had gay dolphins...what does week two offer? Here's a sneak peek of some of the shows this week. And again thanks to Meg Taintor for the photos.

Pictured are Faith Imafidon and Giselle Ty in 6AM: Violin/Viola written by Matt Chapuran and directed by Barlow Adamson. And Forrest Walter and Bonnie Duncan in The Quiet Desperation of White People written by Ken Urban and directed by Antoine A. Gagnon. Hope to see you this week.

Early Results are in...

and as the late Tim Russert demonstrated we live in a blue state. Last week's Blue Line Play - Please Report Any Suspicious Activity was hands down the audience favorite. It received almost twice as many votes as the other plays. And looking ahead to this current week it would be mathematically impossible for five plays to do better than it. And so it is safe to declare (even though the polls for this week have yet to open) that Please Report... - the play about two gay dolphins having a fight on the blue line (or if you ask George the play about a man whose reading is interrupted by two gay dolphins) will be a part of the audience favorite week Oct 2-4. Congrats to writer Rick Park, director Meg Taintor and actors Tony Dangerfield, Rafael Marinho and George Saulnier. The other four plays from last week are still in contention and we will wait until voting for this week has concluded on Sunday before posting the full breakdown.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Outbound Run for the T Plays! Opening Tomorrow!

We are deep in rehearsals for week two and we have our tech/dress tonight at the Factory Theatre. Here is our line up!

6 AM: Violin/Viola
Written by Matt Chapuran on the Orange Line
Directed by Barlow Adamson
With: Faith Imafidon & Giselle Ty

Written by Pat Gabridge on the Green Line
Directed by John Edward O’Brien
With: Leah Fine & Ellen Powers

The Quiet Desperation of White People
(with apologies to the people of Boston)
Written by Ken Urban on the Red Line
Directed by Antoine A. Gagnon
With: Bonnie Duncan & Forrest Walter

Because I Could Not Stop For the Silver Line, It Kindly Stopped For Me
Written by Kristin Baker & Dan Milstein on the Silver Line
Directed by Dan Milstein
With: Rachel Cummings, Michael Jorgensen & Kim Anton Myatt

A Single Look Back
Written by John Edward O’Brien on the Blue Line
Directed by Dawn Simmons
With: Rachel Cummings, Nate Gundy, Lonnie McAdoo & Casey Preston

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Final Night of Week 1 - the Inbound Run!

Cannot believe our first week is over and that our second week writers are currently finishing their scripts for week 2! We'll have info on just who got matched up with who (whom? ah, that's why I'm not a writer) very soon. In the meantime, we wanted to leave you with photos from 2 more "Inbound Run" plays. Both photos taken by the lovely Ms. Meg Taintor:

from: "Please Report Any Suspicious Activity" written by Rick Park on the Blue Line. Directed by Meg Taintor, with (from left to right) Tony Dangerfield, George Saulnier III and Rafael Marinho.

"Jaggedly Edged" written by Carl Danielson on the Silver Line. Directed by Jeremy Johnson with (from left to right) Brashani Reece and Irene Daly.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Train has left the Station

So the T Plays opened this evening. It was probably one of the smoothest openings in Mill 6 history. Perhaps we need to do these intense thematic festivals more often. All five plays were performed well and warmly received. And remember only 3 more days to catch this line up. Here is another photo taken by the talented Meg Taintor. What's in the box you ask? Well see the T Plays and find out. In the photo are Rodney Raftery and George Saulnier in Lost in Transit written by Forrest Walter on the Green Line.

T Plays in the Press!

It turns out the Papers have found "The T Plays" a pretty interesting concept as well. For Bay Windows, writer Brian Jewell accompanied Playwright Ginger Lazarus (Thanks Ginger!) for her trek on the Orange Line.

Jenna Scherer wrote a nice feature on us for the Boston Herald - always appreciated!

Photo is of Ginger Lazarus on the Orange Line and is courtesy of Bay Windows.

T Plays "Inbound Run" Opens Tonight!!

We depart the station tonight at 8pm (it's interesting to think how many subway-related terms you can plug into one post, and probably annoying for the reader) and we couldn't be happier. We have five terrific shows and even though they're all set on the T, they're all wonderfully different.

Here's a photo from our Orange Line show by Ginger Lazarus called "La Vie en Orange" taken by the lovely Meg Taintor. Meg is directing "Please Report Any Suspicious Activity", is Artistic Director for Whistler in the Dark Theatre Company and an EXcellent photographer.


And thank you for riding the T Plays.

(couldn't resist)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

All Aboard!

So as I type this, our playwrights have scattered across the city and will soon be boarding their respective T lines. Tonight we will begin rehearsing Week 1 of the T Plays. Here is how the match ups went last evening.

The Red Line Play
Writer: William Donnelly
Director: Antoine A. Gagnon
Cast: Greer Rooney and Andrew Winson

The Orange Line Play
Writer: Ginger Lazarus
Director: Barlow Adamson
Cast: Mike Bash and Julia Specht

The Green Line Play
Writer: Forrest Walter
Director: Nora Long
Cast: Rodney Raftery and George Saulnier

The Blue Line Play
Writer: Rick Park
Director: Meg Taintor
Cast: Tony Dangerfield and Rafael Marinho

The Silver Line Play
Writer: Carl Danielson
Director: Jeremy Johnson
Cast: Irene Daly and Brashani Reece

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time to Name Names

In a post below we used the phrase "players to be named later" to describe the group of not then quite confirmed actors for The T Plays. Well the time has come to names some more names. So joining the group of actors already mentioned below are: Anthony Dangerfield, Leah Fine, Rafael Marinho, Ellen Bates Powers, Greer Rooney, Giselle Ty, Forrest Walter, Andrew Winson. Welcome aboard folks.