Monday, June 14, 2010

Some special guests

The blog is about to become crowded.  Several artists while working on the T Plays 2010 will simultaneously and at the same time blog their thoughts about their experience.  We're hoping to get tidbits from Pat Gabridge who already has a blog of his own  Pat promised us all new blog entries.  If you find he's just copying older posts from one blog to another be sure to send us a comment.  Also Juliet Gowing McGinnis, star of one of Mill 6's first big hits Cafe Society returns to our acting troupe and our blog, and Mikkel Raahede will share his thoughts on taking an eight hour flight to direct a ten minute play.  And we may even have a few more contribute.  Keep and eye on the blog for these posts and all your T Plays 2010 needs.

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