Sunday, June 13, 2010

Attention Audience the next round of T Plays is now approaching.

June 23-27th (Wed-Sat @ 8PM; Sun @ 1PM and 4PM)
The Factory Theater
Tickets are $15.00 general admission (June 23rd is pay what you can $5.00 minimum)

Back by Popular Demand! Chance will team up a playwright, director, actors and a T line (and we're including buses this time too). The playwright will board the T knowing only the number of characters and the setting (the very T line they are on). At the end of the round trip they turn their freshly written script over to the director and actors. Three days later the shows go up!

Every night we'll be asking the audience to vote for their favorites. At the end of the week the Audience Favorite will be announced.

Contributing artists:

Barlow Adamson, Kristin Baker, Melissa Barker, Jim Barton, Terry Byrne, Sasha Castroverde, Irene Daly, Anthony Dangerfield, Bill Doncaster, Melanie Garber, Patrick Gabridge, Antoine A. Gagnon, Nathaniel Gundy, Benjamin Janey, Adam Kassim, John J King, Jason Lambert, Kevin LaVelle, Kathy Maloney, Juliet Gowing McGinnis, Jason Myatt, John Edward O'Brien, Jennifer O'Connor, Rick Park, Marie Polizzano, Casey Preston, Mikkel Raahede, Rodney Raftery, Greer Rooney, Dawn M. Simmons, Meg Taintor, Ally Tully, Forrest Walter, Sean Michael Welch.

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