Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Matched Up

So here are the Match ups for The T Plays 2010

The Red Line
Writer: Rick Park
Director: Dawn Simmons
Cast: Adam Kassim and Jason Myatt

The Blue Line
Writer: Patrick Gabridge
Director: Barlow Adamson
Cast: Jen O'Connor and Ally Tully

The Orange Line
Writer: Terry Byrne
Director: Kristin Baker
Cast: Melissa Barker, Casey Preston and Greer Rooney

The Green Line
Writer: John J King
Director: John Edward O'Brien
Cast: Nate Gundy and Forrest Walter

The Silver Line
Writer: Bill Doncaster
Director: Mikkel Raahede
Cast: Sasha Castroverde, Juliet Gowing McGinnis and Marie Polizzano

The # 1 Bus
Writer: Sean Michael Welch
Director: Meg Taintor
Cast: Jim Barton and Jason Lambert

The # 39 Bus
Writer: Melanie Garber
Director: Antoine Gagnon
Cast: Anthony Dangerfield and Kevin LaVelle

There you have it.  More to come later on...

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Kenny Steven Fuentes said...

So pumped! Seeing it tomorrow!