Thursday, June 28, 2012

T Plays IV reminds me of The Cannonball Run for two Reasons

First, that movie largely seems to have been made because Burt Reynolds went through his rolodex (it was the 80's) and called up all his friends and said "Hey let's get together and have a laugh.  Oh and make a movie."  All of the artists invovled with the T Plays IV are such easy going fun folk I just enjoy hanging around them and watching them perform each night.

Second, although mostly a car chase movie - the final set piece has the whole gang of 70's A listers and 80's B movie stars running in a foot race to the finnish.  At this point and time it looks like T Plays IV may have a similar ending.

The current standings:

Green line has pulled out ahead once again.

Commuter Rail is second and quite close.

66 remains in third.

Orange jumps back to fourth.

Silver one vote behind in fifth.

Red and Blue are tied.

Two more shows left.  We have plenty of seats (as of this blogging) for Friday evening.  And a few seats left for Saturday (it is filling up fast).  Visit to order your tickets.  Because only you and your vote will determine who will be.......


Adrienne Barbeau

(c'mon the movie is 32 years old it's not that much of a spolier)

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