Thursday, June 7, 2012

T Plays IV line up

Wondering who the artists are that will be contributing to the T Plays IV: Rush Hour?  Of course you have why else would you be checking out this blog?

There are still a few artists who are classified as definite maybes, but here is who we are certain - well pretty certain - will be involved.

Our writers:
Matt Chapuran (writer in our first set of T Plays and actor in T Plays III)
William Donnelly (T Plays)
Pat Gabridge (T Plays, T Plays 2010)
Ginger Lazarus (T Plays)
Dan Milstein & Kristin Baker (T Plays, T Plays III - audience favorite plus Kristin directed during T Plays 2010)
Kevin Mullins (making his T Plays debut)
Rick Park (T Plays - audience favorite, T Plays 2010 and T Plays III)

Our directors:
Chris Anton (T Plays III)
Jim Barton (actor for T Plays 2010)
Antoine A. Gagnon (T Plays - 2 of them! - T Plays 2010, T Plays III - audience favorite)
Melanie Garber (writer for T Plays 2010, director for T Plays III)
John J King (writer for T Plays 2010 - audience favorite, T Plays III)
Kim Anton Myatt (actor for T Plays and T Plays III)
Paula Ramsdell (her T Plays debut)

Our Actors:
Paul Ahern (his T Plays debut)
Shelley Brown (T Plays III)
Sasha Castroverde (T Plays 2010)
Bonnie Duncan (T Plays)
Lindsay Eagle (T Plays III)
Kelley Estes (T Plays III - audience favorite)
Louis Hamill (T Plays III)
Tim Hoover (his T Plays debut)
Jason Lambert (T Plays 2010)
Kevin LaVelle (T Plays 2010)
Rafael Marinho (T Plays - audience favorite)
Lonnie McAdoo (T Plays)
Brett Milanowski (his T Plays debut)
Jason Myatt (T Plays 2010)
Elizabeth A. Rimar (her T Plays debut)
Greer Rooney (T Plays, T Plays 2010, T Plays III)
George Saulnier III (T Plays)

Behind the scenes we have such folk as:
Ben Janey proving he is the best stage manager in Boston returning for his fourth set of T Plays

Plus some awesome assistance from: Irene Daly, Kathy Maloney, Patricia Torpey, Meg Taintor, Andrew Cataluna and all the awesome folk at Boston Playwrights' Theater.

It looks to be a stellar line up.  Tickets are now available at

See you there!

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