Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Official Line Up for T Plays IV: Rush Hour

Here are the match ups for T Plays IV: Rush Hour

Red Line - writers Dan Milstein and Kristin Baker; director James Barton; cast Shelley Brown and Tim Hoover

Blue Line - writer Matt Chapuran; director Melanie Garber; cast Rafael Marinho and Jason Myatt

Green Line - writer Rick Park; director Kim Anton Myatt; cast Kelley Estes, Louise Hamill and George Saulnier III

Orange Line - writer Patrick Gabridge; director Chris Anton; cast Brett Milanowski and Dakota Shepard

Silver Line - writer Kevin Mullins; director Paula Ramsdell; cast Bonnie Duncan and Liz Rimar

Commuter Rail - writer Bill Donnelly; director John J King; cast Sasha Castroverde, Kevin LaVelle and Jason Lambert

Bus # ? (writer's choice) writer Ginger Lazarus; director Antoine Gagnone; cast Lindsay Eagle and Greer Rooney

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Meg said...

Awesome teams! Can't wait to see this!