Monday, June 4, 2012 year later....

Hello world-wide-interweb -

Mill 6 is back in the blog-o-sphere and look out.  That's right at least one dozen posts over the next three weeks will appear.

To start with we'd like to look back and congratulate our team from The Boston Theater Marathon.  Rick Park's play Stolen Breath featuring Robyn Linden and Mal Malme and directed by Chris Anton was part of this year's theatre marathon.  Stolen Breath was originally part of T Plays III last summer and we are thrilled that it was selected to be part of this year's Marathon and even more thrilled the entire creative crew was able to come back and present it once again.  The Boston Globe had some nice things to say about us (as well as several of the the other plays presented).  But to be honest we're mostly concerned with the nice words about us.

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