Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Outbound Run for the T Plays! Opening Tomorrow!

We are deep in rehearsals for week two and we have our tech/dress tonight at the Factory Theatre. Here is our line up!

6 AM: Violin/Viola
Written by Matt Chapuran on the Orange Line
Directed by Barlow Adamson
With: Faith Imafidon & Giselle Ty

Written by Pat Gabridge on the Green Line
Directed by John Edward O’Brien
With: Leah Fine & Ellen Powers

The Quiet Desperation of White People
(with apologies to the people of Boston)
Written by Ken Urban on the Red Line
Directed by Antoine A. Gagnon
With: Bonnie Duncan & Forrest Walter

Because I Could Not Stop For the Silver Line, It Kindly Stopped For Me
Written by Kristin Baker & Dan Milstein on the Silver Line
Directed by Dan Milstein
With: Rachel Cummings, Michael Jorgensen & Kim Anton Myatt

A Single Look Back
Written by John Edward O’Brien on the Blue Line
Directed by Dawn Simmons
With: Rachel Cummings, Nate Gundy, Lonnie McAdoo & Casey Preston

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