Saturday, September 13, 2008

All Aboard!

So as I type this, our playwrights have scattered across the city and will soon be boarding their respective T lines. Tonight we will begin rehearsing Week 1 of the T Plays. Here is how the match ups went last evening.

The Red Line Play
Writer: William Donnelly
Director: Antoine A. Gagnon
Cast: Greer Rooney and Andrew Winson

The Orange Line Play
Writer: Ginger Lazarus
Director: Barlow Adamson
Cast: Mike Bash and Julia Specht

The Green Line Play
Writer: Forrest Walter
Director: Nora Long
Cast: Rodney Raftery and George Saulnier

The Blue Line Play
Writer: Rick Park
Director: Meg Taintor
Cast: Tony Dangerfield and Rafael Marinho

The Silver Line Play
Writer: Carl Danielson
Director: Jeremy Johnson
Cast: Irene Daly and Brashani Reece

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