Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early Results are in...

and as the late Tim Russert demonstrated we live in a blue state. Last week's Blue Line Play - Please Report Any Suspicious Activity was hands down the audience favorite. It received almost twice as many votes as the other plays. And looking ahead to this current week it would be mathematically impossible for five plays to do better than it. And so it is safe to declare (even though the polls for this week have yet to open) that Please Report... - the play about two gay dolphins having a fight on the blue line (or if you ask George the play about a man whose reading is interrupted by two gay dolphins) will be a part of the audience favorite week Oct 2-4. Congrats to writer Rick Park, director Meg Taintor and actors Tony Dangerfield, Rafael Marinho and George Saulnier. The other four plays from last week are still in contention and we will wait until voting for this week has concluded on Sunday before posting the full breakdown.

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