Saturday, September 20, 2008

Final Night of Week 1 - the Inbound Run!

Cannot believe our first week is over and that our second week writers are currently finishing their scripts for week 2! We'll have info on just who got matched up with who (whom? ah, that's why I'm not a writer) very soon. In the meantime, we wanted to leave you with photos from 2 more "Inbound Run" plays. Both photos taken by the lovely Ms. Meg Taintor:

from: "Please Report Any Suspicious Activity" written by Rick Park on the Blue Line. Directed by Meg Taintor, with (from left to right) Tony Dangerfield, George Saulnier III and Rafael Marinho.

"Jaggedly Edged" written by Carl Danielson on the Silver Line. Directed by Jeremy Johnson with (from left to right) Brashani Reece and Irene Daly.

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