Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where the &*%@!#$ is Bunbury?

As faithful readers, you might find yourself asking...
Um...what the heck happened to Bunbury?  The show that Mill 6 was so excited about? That they performed a snippet of at their Jamboree? That they raffled off TICKets for for Pete's Sake?

And you'd be right to ask, because all that is true.  And we *will* be producing "Bunbury".

Just not this September.

How am I so sure that we will be performing it?  Two reasons:
  1. We really love it.  "Bunbury" is a fantastic, funny play that has heart and is just...*different*.
  2. We've already paid for the rights.  
So it's really a good thing we like it so much.

But due to circumstances beyond our control, we'll bring it to you in 2009 - we promise.  

In the meantime, we're thrilled to bring you The T Plays!  A way we've come up with to work with some of our favorite people.  More coming soon!

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