Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Who's Riding The T?

Well the list is still being double checked and finalized, but here are a few folks who have signed up for The T plays this September. As always artists subject to change. Among the writers are several members of the playwriting group Rhombus: Carl Danielson, Pat Gabridge and Ginger Lazarus; Dan Milstein and Kristin Baker from Rough and Tumble Theater; Boston Theater Marathon playwrights Matt Chapuran and John Edward O'Brien; IRNE winner Forrest Walter; local acting favorite Rick Park and Ken Urban a reviewer for

Among the directors are IRNE nominee Barlow Adamson, Meg Taintor from Whistler in the Dark, Jeremy Johnson and Dawn Simmons both from StageSource, co-managing director Antoine A. Gagnon and more.

Several Mill 6 regulars including Irene Daly, Lonnie McAdoo and Rodney Raftery will be acting plus George Saulnier, Nathaniel Gundy, Brashani Reece, Julia Specht, Mike Bash, Kim Anton Myatt, Bonnie Duncan, Faith Imafidon, Casey Preston, Michael Jorgensen, Rachel Cummings and in the parlance of baseball several players to be named later.

It is the largest production team we have assembled and we are quite excited about what they will produce.

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