Friday, August 16, 2013

T Plays V are officially MATCHED!!

Silver line
Playwright: Alexa Mavromatis
Director: Barlow Adamson
Actors: Greer Rooney and Kevin LaVelle

Orange Line
Playwright: Bob Murphy
Director: Kathy Maloney
Actors Kelley Estes, Mal Malme, Forrest Walter,

Blue Line
Playwright: Lisa Burdick
Director: Matt Chapuran
Actors:  Jake Athyal and Lonnie McAdoo

Writers Choice of Bus Line (except ones we’ve done before)
Playwright: Pat Gabridge
Director: Kim Myatt
Actors: Bob Mussett, Stephanie Yackovetsky 

Red Line
Playwright: Rick Park
Director: Mikey DiLoreto
Actors: Janelle Mills, Jason Myatt

Green Line
Playwright: Emily Kaye Lazzaro
Director: Lindsay Eagle
Actors: Irene Daly and Jillian P. Couillard

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