Friday, August 5, 2011

T Plays III Match ups....

are in!!!!

Red Line
Writer: Richard Snee
Director: Melanie Garber
Actors: Brian Bernhard and Lindsay Eagle

Blue Line
Writer: John J King
Director: Matthew Woods
Actors: Louise Hamill and Molly Kimmerling

Green Line
Writer: John Greiner-Ferris
Director: Meg Taintor
Actors: Matt Chapuran and Derek Fraser

Orange Line
Writer: Jess Martin
Director: Barlow Adamson
Actors: Shelley Brown and Kim Anton Myatt

Silver Line
Writer: Dawn Simmons
Director: Darren Evans
Actors: Jeff Mahoney and Greer Rooney

Mattapan Trolley
Writer: Rick Park
Director: Chris Anton
Actors: Robyn Linden and Mal Malme

"WildCard" - We'll see what they pick
Writer: Dan Milstein & Kristin Baker
Director: Antoine Gagnon
Actors: Kelley Estes and Nate Gundy

All signs point to an awesome set of plays.

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