Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How the T Plays team gets assembled

Recently on our facebook group and our email there has been some discussion about how one can become involved with the T Plays.  It has been an evolving process (and will change a bit before the next round), but we thought we would share how it has worked.

We were trying to fill 7 writing slots, 7 directing slots and anywhere from 15-20 actors.

The Audience favorites (writer,director,actors) all get invited back - they don't have to accept - but let's assume they do.  So with the 6 remaining writers and directors we try to divy them up in thirds.  Two folks who have previously worked with Mill 6, two folks who are new to Mill 6 and two folks who have worked with us but in a different capacity (i.e. someone who has directed for us before may come aboard as a writer etc).

We try to have a similar breakdown with the actors, but it is a bit easier there since there are more of them needed and a range of them not a specific number.

The above are just the starting guidelines.  Obviously we have to consider people's schedules and other commitments.  If we have difficulty finding a second "new" director we would ask someone to return. 

This round it has worked out pretty well.  We have 30 artists on board.  16 of them are making their Mill 6 debuts.  14 are returning with 4 of the 14 working in a new capacity.

We are looking at ways for writers,directors and actors to be able to submit themselves for consideration for future rounds of T Plays.  We'll have more info on that later this fall when we regroup for Season 14.

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